Using Sizzle’s GPS Trigger To Deliver Regional, National And Global Campaigns

Sizzle delivers emotionally motivated offers with the intent of stimulating an impulse purchase. If a parent is having a great time with their child at a professional sporting event, there is an increased opportunity that the parent could be persuaded to purchase kid’s sports equipment at a discount, available only while inside the stadium. The merchandise is shipped to their home, the stadium experience is not disrupted, and a host of parent and children fans are awakened to an outstanding savings, while they are in the proper frame of mind.

Sizzle’s GPS capability allows you to focus any offer that is made in the Sizzle Offer Engine and distribute that offer to a narrow locality. The Sizzle Offer Engine uses a system of software that is fed through external triggers such as visual scans, audio signals, GPS signals, time-based triggers, Artificial Intelligence, and much more. A movie poster may be scanned. The Sizzle Offer Engine first uses the visual trigger to identify the film poster. Sizzle instantly delivers the trailer for the film. When the user taps on the screen to purchase tickets, Sizzle’s GPS trigger identifies that the theater goer is in front of a specific theater and then delivers them to that theater’s box office.

Sizzle revolutionizes the trade show experience by allowing exhibitors to sell a much broader selection of wares, at special trade show prices, without having to ship the merchandise to and from the show. Sizzle users will be able to leverage the special trade show deal, only while inside the convention center. Trade show ads come to life, augmented reality exhibits are all possible, promotional Sizzle Spin games and Sizzle Augmented Reality Games may be geofenced to only allow show attendees to participate.

Sizzle’s GPS also facilitates the display of Sizzle’s Augmented Reality Television experiences in any specific location or vantage point. These larger than life experiences can drive sales, social sharing and very favorable word of mouth. Imagine what a 100′ tall model might look like atop the roof top gardens in Manhattan during Fashion Week.

Special entertainment events are instantly possible, using Sizzle’s Augmented Reality Network paired with the Sizzle GPS system. With this unique functionality, every theme park, zoo, aquarium, concert, sporting event may suddenly awaken to substantial new forms of revenue, regionalized specifically to their property or event.

Regional offers provide specific purchase opportunities at the local mall or retail property. Sizzle’s search paired with the GPS functionality delivers prime offers, targeted specifically to the audience in that one territory.

GPS triggers in Sizzle enable augmented reality treasure hunts that are custom to the property, and deliver increased throughput, focused and directed traffic to specific locations, incentivized behaviors from purchases, to return visits and more.

Restaurants may augment the most popular dishes for their customers to review in AR. Sizzle recognizes the location using the GPS and ensures a delivery of the proper menu experiences. The Sizzle Offer Engine can also modify this experience by knowing time of day and cycling through the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, if desired,

Sizzle enables restaurants, clubs, resorts and arenas to create unique and enticing menu selections using Sizzle’s Augmented Reality Network. This simple addition to your establishment will deliver orders from more remote locations such as at any seat in an arena, stadium, or theatre, as well as from a room, cabana, or golf course, tennis court, etc. Add your branding and turn this simple menu into a fun toy that your customers will enjoy and share socially. Your K Factor will increase substantially with only an upside to including Sizzle in your establishment.

Sizzle provides a service to connect local cab companies with key brand labels so that a user may spend an evening celebrating, without having to drive at the end of the evening. Just point Sizzle at a label and Sizzle visual trigger identifies the trigger, then Sizzle’s GPS directs the call to the region in which the user is accessing the Sizzle offer.

Sizzle delivers a suite of custom features for the sales and marketing of residential and commercial real estate. Sizzle’s GPS directs the offer and pairs the Sizzle user with a 360º virtual tour of the property, or a document, or a direct contact by phone or text to the listing agent.

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