Sizzle™ Improves Profits, Reducing Your Marketing Spend, While Increasing The ROI 

 Offer Engine With Text
Sizzle Converts Traditional Media and Environments  Into Dynamic Cost Effective Interactive Networks of Experiences and Offers
Sizzle provides a comprehensive suite of tools to create new media campaigns, that will expand your marketing reach while gaining and maintaining your targeted customers.
Sizzle connects: making your advertising experiences substantially more interactiveraising your end users’ product awareness.

The Offer Engine™, is Sizzle’s cloud-based system that makes all media  and all locations instantly transactional, informational, interactive and entertaining, through the use of triggers. The triggers are embedded in all forms of existing and to be created media platforms and available worldwide in all locations that have access to the internet.

Sizzle delivers your customer from your advertising, social media, an event, a store, a physical location to:
  • A website
  • A single click purchase
  • A video
  • Your digital and interactive content: print, augmented reality, images and more
  • Games /Contests/ Treasure Hunts of all kinds
  • Quizzes/Tests/Polls/Surveys
  • Auctions
  • Donation requests
  • Contests / Sweepstakes
  • Virtual tours & experiences
  • Augmented reality experiences
  • Viral content for creating and sharing on social media
  • Regionalized offer to where the consumer is currently standing
  • An augmented reality treasure hunt
  • Contact information to add to an address book, appointment calendar
  • A directed text message, phone call

Why Sizzle: “Lighting in your Cloud”

Sizzle has been designed to remove all of the substantial costs of producing games, delivering offers, engaging with augmented reality, and delivering fun and unique experiences. The Sizzle Network and Offer Engine is complete with the most comprehensive suite of tools, games, experiences and interconnectivity. It saves your corporation hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs, and allows a nearly risk-free opportunity to add new levels of engagement with your customers. The Sizzle Augmented Reality system is capable of delivering millions of unique Augmented Reality experiences while still remaining a very light app to download, because all of the experiences are cloud-based within Sizzle’s Offer Engine.


  • The Sizzle platform enables you to clearly define and motivate your customers,  using multiple forms of media triggers, resulting in more frequent responses to offers by your customers.
  • Sizzle uses new tools in combination (AR, AI, Machine Learning, Gaming, etc) to focus, teach, capture and delight your customers through experiences that the new generation expects.
  • Sizzle motivates your customer to exercise an action with a reward that is created in The Offer Engine. A secret new system that makes everything connect with everything.
  • Sizzle’s actions and offers create more effective data on the customer to better assist you in assessing new options in your consumer experiences, marketing strategies, product mixes, and much more.
  • Sizzle’s Cross Brand Promotional Capabilities Increases sales and partnerships between brands while expanding consumer base
  • The Sizzle Spin and Augmented Reality Games are the first of many games that are instantly deployable without development expense
  • Custom games, augmented reality experiences, augmented reality television performances are available with very short turn around.


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