Pull Advertising And Marketing Is The New Paradigm

The first chapter of Pull Advertising must inevitably start with what is it specifically that the consumer wants? What need will your product or service fill that improves the lives of your target consumer?

A consumer will readily pull information to them as their needs and interests dictate. When this moment of clarity transpires, the consumer is converting content (in their mind) from marketing materials into sources of information. That is the inflection moment for a Pull Advertising campaign to succeed. 

The continuous descreate in the overall effectivity of push advertising methodologies necessitates a change. In creating the Sizzle Global Trans Media Network Platform, The Illusion Factory has converted push advertising into pull advertising.

Push Advertising – An unwanted television commercial is pushed at the viewer during commercial breaks in the program.

When you see a Push ad on TV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, YouTube or TikTok, you ignore them. These ads are shoved into your content stream as an unwanted intrusion, with a hope that a very tiny percentage of those people will respond as desired.

When that push advertisement comes up, (let’s say for a Mercedes), if you are not interested in a Mercedes, then you tune out the commercial, and focus on your phone, the refrigerator or the restroom. 

Pull Advertising – a chosen commercial is played when the correct subject matter was organically searched

Conversely, if you are in the market for a Mercedes, and you search the internet for “Mercedes,” and the exact same commercial pops up, then you watch it intently, because you have pulled it to you, and it stops being processed as the annoyance of a commercial and perceived, instead, as information, so the switch in your brain flips and you absorb the content.

The only way to grow a market segment of significance is to employ all of the current new models of Pull Advertising and Marketing, including:

Games – If a consumer is playing a game that is fun, they are engaged. Sizzle capitalizes on that thought process and first, starts every game by asking the consumer to choose 4 prizes to play for out of 20 options. In doing this, Sizzle allows the consumer to browse a series of prizes, each making both a brand impression, as well as a unique product impression in the mind of the consumer. As the consumer teaches you about which of your products are of interest, in the event that the consumer does not win one of those prizes at the end of the game, then they may be offered a discount on one of the prizes that they selected in place of a prize announcement. In Sizzle, consumers either win prizes (all free, including shipping, no purchase necessary), or they win offers (discounts of any kind for both online and retail conversion).

At the outset of each game, Sizzle gives consumers a chance to pick 4 prizes that they may win for playing the game. Prizes are awarded by random numeric calculations, not from winning the particular game.

After the consumer has chosen which prize to play for, then the next process is to engage the consumer in a game in which your product is the game itself.

Augmented Reality is another tool to drive a pull marketing relationship. Give the consumer a tool to promote your location, and reward the consumer for having done so. Augmented reality photo selfie frames are a perfect example.

Branded skill games allow consumers to make brand impressions while having fun and inviting their friends to participate. Viral spreading increases your ROI on any advertising campaign.
Making your out of home media interactive and gamified is another example of how to create a buzz with your advertising and get others to share it freely without any incentive other than being in on the coolness factor.

Making advertising in magazines interactive and transactional is like installing a cash register on every page. Turning a magazine into an exploratory experience creates unprecedented consumer engagement as they work their way through the discovery process of each page and article driving them to alternate media (video, AR, games, virtual tours).

Deliver consumers directly to virtual walkthroughs of your store using Matterport 3D virtual reality models paired with Sizzle.

There are countless new methods of Pull Advertising which are all facilitated through the Sizzle platform. Sign up for your free account today!

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