All media, All locations, here and everywhere are instantly transactional.

Customers interconnect with brands in countless ways, using new forms of media, systems, technologies, experiences, activations, with every upcoming media and technology. With all of this new world diversification, how does a brand and a consumer find the perfect common bond? What enables a consumer to connect from a poster, to a video, to a store where they can instantly purchase tickets, make reservations, and get instant information that could never fit on the poster or billboard?

Catching a consumer in the moment of discovery and converting them to an impulse purchase is the heart of successful advertising and marketing. The static experience of making a brand impression that is not actionable is limited at best, paving the way for Sizzle to make all of those forms of advertising instantly actionable and transactional.

Scanning a product to reveal a hologram experience in augmented reality and which leads to the purchase of a cross promoted brand creates excitement for the consumer. To increase the percentage of offer conversions and thereby increase the ROI on the advertising, offers may be created in Sizzle and then shared with friends who would appreciate using the offer.

Offers may be customized to run in specific geo locations, or on specific times. The offers may be configured and go live within minutes, enabling ease of last minute offer modifications, opportunities and special privileges for being on locations such as trade shows.

Incorporating brands into games are integral to deep consumer satisfaction and positive association with a brand. As a consumer builds deeper affinity for a brand, the opportunities to get offers from that brand increase through the Sizzle prize selection process that starts every game in Sizzle. A consumer must choose 4 out of 20 prizes for which they hope to win, thereby providing market research. As consumers display their preferences, more targeted offers are able to be presented to that consumer and thereby increase the conversion rate.

As consumers grow accustomed to Sizzle enabled media, their interaction with that media will increase exponentially. The odds of winning prizes in Sizzle are very favorable to the consumer. As this becomes known and prizes awarded, more consumers will come to take a chance of winning a prize in Sizzle.

Captivating the imagination of the consumer and assisting them to purchase the items they are so desirous of purchasing drives the core Sizzle benefits to our Sellers and Merchants. Open a free test account and look around, then contact us with any questions.

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