The Illusion Factory uses augmented reality as a persuasive tool to engage consumers in fun and unique ways.

AR games, special performances, illusions and unique experiences are readily available in the Sizzle system.

Once a consumer discovers a compelling AR interaction, they are quick to use it, share it and play with it on a continuous basis, depending upon how compelling an experience the brand provides. Sizzle’s augmented reality sports games enable brands to promote head-to-head competitions that spread virally from user to user. Let us guide you through the process and together we will create programs that open eyes, and drive revenue to your bottom line.

We will assist you in converting all of your print advertising into instant transactions.

Empower a consumer to browse the beautiful publication, enjoying the features as has always been their custom. Enable them to scan any page with Sizzle and the magazine comes to life.

Ads in the magazine lead to properly paired videos, which then deliver the consumer to a point of transaction if purchased online, or to a digital coupon which may be loaded into the consumer’s Sizzle wallet for conversion at a physical location.

The Illusion Factory is poised to enable your existing packaging to deliver countless benefits without changing any detail on your current package:

Deliver recipes, transactional shopping lists and video instructions.

Instant translation into any language.

Connectivity to programs that increase sales volumes, cross-promote brands and deliver greater consumer attention.

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