Use a pull marketing game of skill to drive any form of consumer behavior desire:

Increase retail or online traffic, social media and viral sharing.

Individuals playing for high stakes cash prizes are quick to invite their friends.

Another opportunity is fan-based games of skill. In these kinds of games, you can also cause the game to be unlocked by arriving at a physical location, or causing a consumer to scan a CPG, or any other form of behavior that you may wish to reinforce, and then enter the consumer in a competition in which they move further up the sports ladder, until they achieve the final rounds of competition.

In that situation, a consumer could stand to win a massive prize that is highly desirable (tickets to every sports final event for an entire year, or similar). These games of skill can be tournaments in Sizzle’s new Popongo interactive game, or competitions to see who can shoot the most free throws out of 10 tries, darts at an augmented dart board and so much more.


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