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Since 1979, The Illusion Factory has been entrusted with advertising and marketing of over $7 Billion in filmed, live, broadcast, streaming, interactive, and gaming properties. In that time, we have generated more than $100 Billion in revenue and garnered 265 awards for our clients.

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Illusion Factory Companies and Technologies

Sizzle Commerce Platform

The Illusion Factory’s new commerce platform, Sizzle, makes all media in the real world and virtual worlds, instantly transactional. Sizzle activates and engages consumers while building long term loyal relationships between the consumers and brands.

Synth Studios Reel

Synth Studios is at the forefront of technology, blending creativity with the latest state of the art systems – pioneering 3D animated billboards, artificial intelligence, the metaverse, virtual reality, augmented reality… gaming, contests, sweepstakes, web 3, NFTs, global commerce in all media, as well as high-profile entertainment events!

The World’s Most Advanced Video Compression Software

Synth Studios introduces the world’s fastest video compression software for a seamless 4K experience. This monumental achievement shatters previous limitations, ushering in an era where streaming sports in 4K becomes not only feasible but effortlessly accessible on televisions and mobile devices using standard MPEG with no CapEx required to deploy. 

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