Fan Merchandise Is Now Transactional

Fan merchandise becomes an instant cash register with Sizzle Scan. The Sizzle Vision™ reads the company logo, connects to the Sizzle Offer Engine and returns a host of options for your company or team to leverage. In the hypothetical example above, the Sizzle app would see the shirt, and deliver an augmented reality dragon to appear on the shirt. This dragon can react to hand signals, blinks, winks, facial expressions from the wearer. The virtual avatar may be created to add extra income to a garment sale by allowing the wearer to purchase accessories for the avatar, such as hats, boots, clothes, props and other items which can sell for any small price your business model will warrant.

Or in another example, fan merchandise could be scanned to regularly reveal the play of the week video, for everyone to enjoy. This concept works from the middle school, high school and college teams all the way to professional teams. Having the team logo as the launch target ensures the sale of the fan merchandise in the first place. The Sizzle functionality accelerates the need to purchase the merchandise so that the fan can be on the inside circle getting the inside unique content. For example, the merchandise can be programmed to always lead from a scan to a shopping experience so that one fan is able to sell another fan and earn a commission, if you choose to incentivize them in that manner.

fan merchandise

If those options were not sufficient, you can use fan merchandise to launch Sizzle Spin, Sizzle AR Games or a custom game of your choosing from Sizzle’s library of games. Then generate significant ongoing ancillary affinity revenue and proprietary data per consumer while building customer appreciation and loyalty.

Non profit organizations are able to pair signage, merchandise or anything featuring their brand and enable Sizzle Vision™ to read it and return countless options for the user including watching an emotional video that leads to a heart felt donation from the user, or a connection leading to volunteerism, or other desired outcomes.

fan merchandise

If your fan merchandise is scanned and leads to a Sizzle Spin game, the Sizzle Spin games are intricately programmed to your specific requirements to ensure that the outcome of prizes awarded vs. offers converted is a ratio that is appropriate for your business model. This means you may make it as easy or as difficult as you may desire to win any of the prizes that you are offering, while simultaneously providing the players with offers of genuine interest and value to the consumers you are engaging. All of this is readily available when your consumer uses Sizzle Scan to scan your fan merchandise and launch the outcomes of your campaign.


Leverage your sports following by pairing a Sizzle Augmented Reality Skill Game like a branded basketball game using your brand directly inserted into the game. Sponsor competitions that will generate fans inviting other fans to download the game and play against one another. Insurance policies against highly improbable outcomes enable your company to offer high value prizes against your competitions.


For help in planning your scanned campaigns inside Sizzle, The Illusion Factory is available to consult on and produce any of the campaign elements that you should require.

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