Millions Of Potential Augmented Reality Experiences Possible On The Sizzle Network

A single network, combining millions of potential augmented reality experiences, eliminates the need for consumers to have to download numerous apps for each augmented reality experience. The Sizzle Global Transmedia Augmented Reality Network allows for this necessity and enables owners of augmented reality content to leverage their content across a new platform of distribution by Sizzling it.

Sizzle’s signature Augmented Reality Television recognizes artwork, objects or locations and instantly creates an augmented reality experience in which the consumer sees the illusion of a person appearing, or walking out of a poster or container and performing with or without 3D or 2D animated content.  The net result is very stimulating and produces substantial excitement for sharing the content in social media and in face to face gatherings among friends and work colleagues.

Creating an augmented reality platform that was capable of allowing for millions of unique augmented reality experiences, was at the heart of Sizzle’s origin. At IllusionQuest Studios, we have been building our own proprietary Augmented Reality Television experiences for many years. It was through the rollout of these experiences, that the need for a universal platform, usable by all companies, organizations, institutions and brands worldwide, would ultimately prevail.

From that point forward, Sizzle was a focus for making both augmented reality television and 3D augmented reality experiences, games, advertisements, product representations, menu enhancements and countless other augmented reality interactions possible through a single app. Games, such as the augmented reality dessert game, whet the appetite, offer a chance to win a mouth-watering dessert and deliver money-saving offers on all of the other items. The offer is regionalized using Sizzle’s Offer Engine™, so it will only appear at the single location that it is designed for use within.

Sizzle is a cloud based system, which leverages 12 triggers to collectively deliver selected information, offers, prizes, or entertainment to our users. In the image above, a user is pointing their Sizzle app at an empty plate, and swiping through numerous augmented meals, looking for the dish that captivates their taste buds.

Sizzle’s Augmented Reality allows tourist destinations, theme parks, malls, stadium, zoos, museums, aquariums and other public gatherings of people to bring their location and the sky above their location to life with new entertainment, interactivity, and a more engaging consumer experience. As Sizzle is cloud-based, millions of unique augmented reality experiences could potentially be available inside the Sizzle app. These augmented experiences can be provided to your customers without charge, or you may opt to collect a premium fee to access the AR Entertainment package in your resort or facility. Sizzle provides all of the tools, resources, and production teams required to add this new level of engagement to your collected experiences.

Augmented Reality sales stunts will become a substantial new component of marketing and promotion inside Sizzle. Manufacturers may opt to allow consumers to create an augmented reality image of a select vehicle in front of their residence, with an incentive to take a picture and share with a special hashtag on social media. In addition, Sizzle provides opportunity to convert 3D models into deeper sales tools by allowing the consumer to swap colors and features as they assemble the perfect combinations of variables for the vehicle that they wish to purchase.

Augmented Reality treasure hunts come to life inside the Sizzle Network. AR Treasure Hunts drive traffic around a property and eliminate dead zones from traditional customer flow. Or the treasure hunt can deliver repeat customer patronage by providing a new augmented reality item to collect upon each of the visits to a location or facility. Sizzle’s systems enable the consumer to save these AR experiences when desired, or allows them to only have these experiences in specific locations, such as a theatrical standee promoting a feature film in a theater lobby, or a tour in a museum that requires specific illusions to take place in a series of rooms, or in a theme park to entertain the customers while waiting in line. In all cases, the Sizzle Network is the most versatile, cost effective solution for providing augmented reality in all cases, worldwide.

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