Last Summer in the Hamptons

Rainbow Releasing and Live Entertainment hired The Illusion Factory to work with prolific director Henry Jaglom to bring his critically acclaimed feature film, Last Summer in the Hamptons, to market with a new kind of key art produced with a brand new beta program that we were testing at The Illusion Factory called Photoshop. Electronically toned key art had not come of age when Sahak Ekshian painstakingly illustrated this entire portfolio in a host of subtle hues and tints.

Last Summer in the Hamptons was directed by Henry Jaglom, Produced by Judith Wolinsky, written by Henry Jaglom and Victoria Foyt. It stars Victoria Foyt, Viveca Lindfors, Jon Robin Baitz, Melissa Leo, Martha Plimpton, Andre Gregory, Roddy MacDowall, Holland Taylor, Ron Rifkin, Brooke Smith, Roscoe Lee Browne and Kristoffer Tabori.


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