Mattel’s Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend

The Illusion Factory was hired by Hudson and Sunset Media and Mattel to build a social media system across multiple platforms to cast a reality television series revolving around their flagship brand, Barbie. Genuine Ken: The Search for The Great American Boyfriend was created to allow girls to post pictures of great guys that they wanted to nominate for the opportunity to become a contestant on this reality series. The photos would be available on mobile devices for a yes/no voting option as well as online on a custom website that The Illusion Factory built to accompany a custom Facebook page. The higher ranking male contestants won social media badges on Facebook and when their score hit a certain number, they were allowed to load videos of themselves which would also be voted on by the audience. Top contestants were chosen and cast as contestants on the reality series. The Illusion Factory was responsible for the entire interactive components of this program along with making promotional videos and main show titles for the program.


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