What if your advertising and marketing materials could instantly pull in your audience and enable them to engage, transact, promote and build a relationship with your brand? 

Sizzle is a disruptive, pull advertising, financial technology platform that activates and engages its consumers through immediate purchasing capabilities in all media and all locations, worldwide, using emotional stimuli to create significantly increased profits and consumer loyalty.

Imagine having an all-in-one platform that allows clients to make instant purchases from catalogs, magazines, direct response, packaging, posters, apparel as well as from television, radio, streaming media and all locations worldwide. The comprehensive Sizzle Offer Engine™ enables brands to efficiently micro target specific demographics with very focused types of campaigns. 

 If a consumer is reading Vogue, and they love the Christian Dior hot pink lipstick, an instant purchase opportunity will drive considerable revenue, substantially increase the return on the investment in that advertising and deepen the consumer / brand loyalty by enabling the consumer to more readily access that product with the least amount of frustration. Sizzle turns every page of that magazine into a cash register. 

You’re watching a fashion show, click and buy the outfit right off the model. You’re watching a television show, I like what she’s wearing, click buy.

And more importantly, that brand on television, radio or print has now created a digital interconnectivity with that previously anonymous consumer. 

Brands continuously seek new means of increasing awareness. Sizzle empowers these brands to incentivize and enable consumers and/or business to business customers. Sizzle’s unique approach easily facilitates customized and highly addictive games,  jaw-dropping augmented reality and transactional streaming media to attract consumers.  Valuable prizes and discounts incentivize consumer sharing while increasing consumer loyalty.  The data collected further refines the consumer’s experience creating an increasing consumer satisfaction index.

Sizzle was created by The Illusion Factory, a design, marketing and technology agency that has spent 43 years being the Brand behind the other Brands. In this time, we’ve garnered over 265 of the top creative and technical awards and we’ve been entrusted with the promotion and marketing of over $7 billion dollars in filmed, online, broadcast, music, streaming, gaming, live, sports, regulated gaming, consumer products and interactive media for the world’s largest corporations. 

Collectively, The Illusion Factory has helped to generate more than $100 Billion for our clients, worldwide.  

That’s why The Illusion Factory architected Sizzle as digital “Swiss Army knife of tools” that hyper connects an action to an experience to a desired marketing result. We’re like a theme park ride and we want the consumers to exit through the gift shop. 

Sizzle is available as a software as service model so you can license all   or  part of our technology to allow you to make any of these different functionalities, readily available for your consumers inside your apps, the Sizzle apps or both. 

Publications • Packaging • Signs • Social Media • YouTube • TV • Radio • Satellite • Stadiums • Malls • Airports • Resorts • Campuses

Scan • Listen • Location • Augmented Reality • YouTube • Streaming • Beacon • Games • Artificial Intelligence • Search • Time • Voice




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