NetConference App

The next time you need to interact with others who are not in the room, NetConference it and watch how easily you are working together using the wide selection of tools and features to assist your distant collaboration. Download the free NetConference app and then host or enter a meeting on your iPad in seconds. It’s that easy. Watch movies, review presentations, word and excel documents all face to face in the cloud. (hosting a meeting or scheduling a meeting requires a host account on NetConference.)

• Access your NetConference® Your Office in the Cloud® account from anywhere
• Host or attend a NetConference from your iPad in seconds
• Interact with up to 6 people on multipoint HD Video Cameras plus many more on chat
• 6GB+ of Cloud file storage
• Use all of your MS PowerPoint Presentations, Word documents, Excel Documents, PDFs, movies, jpgs, and other files in the cloud for your presentation
• Multi-User Whiteboard on top of all media connects all participants in interactive collaboration
• Multi-Person Chat connects many more participants than video seat capacity
• Watch videos together with all participants using our patented shared video-on-demand
• Watch presentations, screen sharing, document sharing with other participants
• Join a conference using our VoIP or your private NetConference telephone bridge
• Meeting management systems allow you to create meetings, send invitations, and much more
• Use the Laser pointer, Arrow pointer and highlighter to point out content during your presentation
• Import your contacts from Google,, Outlook and Yahoo online, for use on your iPad
• Start and schedule sessions and invite attendees from your iPad address book
• View the attendee list
• Mute or Unmute all or select participants
• Make other iPad or computer based attendees presenters so they can share their content
• Upload documents during a conference
• Performance monitor

The Illusion Factory built this technology for NxtGenTV.


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