Joshua Earp

Joshua David Earp is an american entrepreneur, investor, keynote speaker, musician and mentalist that has been featured on: ABC, FOX, CBS, NBS, Netflix, Showtime, Hulu, FX, Amazon Studios and more.  He and his team handled the marketing and publicity for “The Bay” – a show which has won 15 Emmys and he regularly speaks at the largest business events in the world accoridng to Forbes, Inc 500 and Entrepreneur with Steve Wozniak and Edward Snowden all the way down to Buzz Aldrin.

Joshua is an advisor to billionaires, celebrities/influencers, unicorn start-ups, has done SEO/PR/Celebrity Endorsement Agency for the last 12 years and has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients.  He and his team have amassed clients such as Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Disney, City National Bank, Coca-Cola, Netflix, The Television Academy, Co-owners of the Lakers and more by cracking the search engine algorithmic code along with executing elite level strategic partnership development, strategic business development and revolutionary transformational digital marketing campaigns that produce an above average return on investment based on key performance indicators.
Joshua’s team has done the influencer marketing/social media campaigns for some of the biggest celebrities and companies on earth, and primaily works in Finance, Entertainment, Marketing/Publicity and Technology. After having countless students worldwide through his online courses on entrepreneurship/marketing he has advised some of the top Internet Business Celebrities such as Tai Lopez (who was awarded #1 Social Media Marketer by Entrepreneur magazine) and Frank Kern (who did the first $1,000,000 product launch online) to name a few.

Joshua is also recognized for rewriting neuro-science as we know it with Dr. Katsushi Arisaka (The Founder of the God Particle and builder of the Large Hadron Collider) for his incredibly deep insight in Neo-cortical Phase Integration. This publication won the Dean’s Prize out of Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Humphreys and Yale.