Golf Forever

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This promotional spot  for GolfForever, featuring Justin Leonard, 12 time winner on the PGA Tour, and Dr. Jeremy James, Founder of BackForever and GolfForever, promotes the GolfForever program. The spot was produced by Iconology with post production by The Illusion Factory.

The GolfForever program is an expertly structured, video-based exercise and educational program that you can do in the convenience of your home or gym.

The most important tool to play the best golf of your life isn’t your clubs, golf lessons or some gadget. It’s your body. Following a physical training program designed specifically for golf is the most important thing you can do. Generating real power behind your swing requires strong, mobile hips and a balanced, stable core. The GolfForever program uses streaming, detailed videos to teach you how to accomplish these goals in the convenience of your home or gym. This program will give you the strength and mobility you need to play your best game, avoid injuries and relieve pain. Try it risk free for 7 days.