Virtual Reality…The New Paradigm Shift

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Transcending your current state of mind and traveling into a completely immersive new world is the golden promise of virtual reality. The possibilities for its use are endless, ranging from entertainment and gaming, to education and training. Putting teams in circumstances impossible to experience first person, such as interacting in fire fighting or dealing with a massive hazardous materials crisis, disabling a bomb while being under fire, or working in an emergency rescue operation will become the norm in virtual reality studios. For every field of interest and study, we can cite opportunities for the unique employment of a virtual reality system….such as experiencing what the voices in the mind of a schizophrenic patient might actually feel like, or walking through a center for preschoolers and seeing everything from their height and point of view, or practicing a surgical technique requiring intense fortitude. Virtual reality is promising to create a massive evolution.

Tyrannosaurus vs Spinosaurus

Virtual theme parks, museum exhibits, gaming operations and entertainment centers transport the end user on a journey, a truly unique experience. One that takes you to places you may never have been able to go and feel completely immersed within. In-home vacations will actually become a thing of the norm, as the virtual reality platforms become more interconnected. When you consider collaborative team missions in a game like the Massive Multiplayer Game that we are producing at IQS, and how those will unquestionably evolve as the VR platforms roll out, or envision thousands of fans virtually attending a Coachella, you see humanity evolving into… the Borg? A collective consciousness reacting in synchronicity? Are we going to become “Coppertops” in The Matrix?

matrix coppertop

The best VR concepts that will transcend one-off experiences, will be those that offer continued value for the end user. A reason to come back into that virtual environment and consume, learn, engage, escape, relax, get stimulated, and more.The end user is consuming games, movies and new forms of immersive interactive entertainment that IQS and many others are creating. It is uncharted territory, which adds to the great allure we all have for pursuing this medium. There is truly a seductive nature in venturing into the unknown, leading producers in all verticals of use to be rapidly dreaming up the content to service their particular niche or vertical. When those products mature, continued VR production and content generation will become as prevalent as when the first accessible video cameras hit in the 80’s and everyone was making a video. Now everyone will be trying to get some form of virtual experience as part of their company system or platform. That will require both 3D animation teams as well as 3D video camera production companies servicing the production of this form of content. That is a great opportunity waiting on the event horizon. It is as inevitable as tomorrow’s sunrise.


We are aware of hundreds of programs already in place to produce a wide library of content for this exciting new chapter. As with all waves of new technology, some attempts will ultimately expand the language of the platform and allow a greater understanding by all so that the medium as a whole will elevate, as did cinematography with the invention of the steadicam, or audio with the many inventions of Dolby.


The platform wars will inevitably arise as Oculus, Vive, Morpheus and other VR platforms roll out their continued system upgrades. At some point, one platform will take a larger market share and the software production will evolve in that direction. The children attending school a decade from now will puzzle over the notion that we could have ever learned anything without a headset (let alone a tablet, computer or even… a book).

We see a lot of people looking for where their lives may evolve as they become professionally obsolete as a result of a disruptive technology or a degree that sounded good at the time, but did not get them to where they wish to be going. We advise them to become immersed in all forms of knowledge of VR because the growth in that industry will become meteoric.


In this blog, one of the many topics we plan to cover is the wide spread opportunity for use of Virtual Reality. We will be bringing stories of its deployment in many career paths in the hopes we may point some people towards a choice that they may never have been aware of. If any of these excite you for yourself or a friend of yours, we hope you will pass them along, as we never want to see people lost for a chance at a new profession, when such a big chance is potentially awaiting them.

If you would like to learn more about Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, please contact us directly at 818-788-9700 x1  We look forward to meeting you. If you have a story about Virtual Reality and a specific career path or industry use, we would love to hear from you.


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